The Chiefland Church of Christ - Who Are They?


The Chiefland Church of Christ is a group of people who have joined together for several purposes.  This local group of individuals, who are also members of the church which Christ built, have pooled their resources to accomplish the things which Jesus, the head of this church, wanted His group of people to accomplish.


One purpose is for each member to associate with their friends and neighbors in the community in such a way as to attract them to become members of the church that Jesus built.  Upon becoming members of the church Jesus built, our fellow citizens will be encouraged to join them in working for Jesus to further advance His church and His cause.


A second purpose is to provide a place where this group of people can come together as a group to worship the God who created everything.  In this worship service several different activities are conducted so as to accomplish this purpose.  Among them will be the collectively singing praises to God as well as going to God in prayer.  There will be the honoring of God by

presenting His message as well as teaching the members how they should serve this great God. On Sundays there will be the observing of the Lord’s Supper which is designed to cause each member to remember the death Jesus made not only for this church but also so each individual can have the forgiveness of their sins.


A third purpose is the individual encouragement each member will receive from their fellow members to be faithful to Jesus as they encounter the different trials and frustrations in this life.  When a member has some difficulty in their life, whether it be sickness, death of a loved one, or financial struggles, the other members are there to help them in whatever way possible.


A fourth purpose is the constant teaching of God’s word so that each individual will be able to grow in the knowledge of God as well as the knowledge of how to put God’s word into practice in their daily lives.  there are multiple classes each week for different age groups available so that this teaching can meet the needs of those in the classes.


The final purpose is to have the mindset that in everything they do, to be pleasing to Jesus the founder and builder of this church.  By implementing this attitude they believe they will help each member go to heaven when their life is completed on this earth.


They have the desire that you will want to join them in this effort.  They want you to see how the Bible is the tool to be used for godly living.


By simply inquiring about the Chiefland Church of Christ, you are under no obligations whatsoever.  Come attend one of their services, see what they offer, ask any and all questions you may have about this church.  If this is a place you think you can worship God and a place where you can be of services to others in your walk with Jesus, they would love to have you be a member.